Are You Experiencing Pain? Ask Yourself These Questions

Are You Experiencing Pain? Ask Yourself These Questions

Are you struggling with pain? Whether it’s acute or chronic, it can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Furthermore, it can be difficult to understand the root cause of your pain, which makes it hard to know how to address it. If you are looking for pain relief or pain management services, Refresh Pain and Wellness can help. Ask yourself these four questions and contact us today to schedule an appointment at our pain management clinic in Baltimore!

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Where Is the Pain?

Pinpointing the exact location of your pain is a great place to start when trying to assess what might be causing it. Is the pain in a specific area of your body or is it more widespread? Is it a dull ache or a sharp pain? Knowing the specifics of the pain can be really useful for getting to the root of the problem.


How Long Has the Pain Been Present?

Has your pain been around for a short period of time or has it been persistent for a while? If you have been experiencing pain for a long time, it can be helpful to look back at when it began and if there were any changes in your lifestyle or environment that might have contributed to it.


What Makes the Pain Worse?

Does the pain seem to get worse when you move a certain way or when you are doing a particular activity? If so, it can be helpful to take note of what makes the pain worse and try to avoid those activities or positions or, more ideally, modify them so you can keep living your life on your terms!


What Have You Already Tried To Alleviate the Pain?

Have you already tried any treatments or remedies to help alleviate the pain? Without professional assistance, pain management can be a long and tiring journey, so it can be useful to take note of what has helped and what has not. This can help you to decide if you should try something different or if you need to seek out professional help from a pain management clinic.

Asking yourself these four questions can help you gain insight into the cause of your pain and better equip you to look for potential solutions. If acute or chronic pain is keeping you from living your best life, contact Refresh Pain and Wellness in Baltimore. Our experienced team can introduce you to a variety of solutions to help treat your pain, from targeted massage and acupuncture to health and wellness counseling and other innovative pain management resources. Contact us today to get started!

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